Liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure that removes excess fat from problem areas. It is meant to contour the body shape, not as a weight loss tool. It can shrink the body when measured circumferentially (around) but works best in the patient who has good skin tone (good elasticity) and is at their optimal weight. Skin tone is important because after the fat is removed we are counting on the skin to tighten back up to improve the appearance and contour. Similar to weight loss, if the skin is stretched out and does not ‘return to normal’ you will have loose saggy skin rather than the plumped out envelope of skin. Not a desirable outcome. As a result this often works best in young people.

While liposuction is minimally invasive there are usually several small incisions, often 1cm in size. After your procedure you will experience significant fluid drainage from these incision sites. This is normal as there is a lot of fluid used during the liposuction procedure to make it safe. There will also be obvious bruising and you will feel sore and bruised in the areas that were addressed. Swelling will usually worsen for 48-72 hours after surgery and it is important to wear your compression garment constantly during this phase. You are encouraged to wear the garment 23 hours a day for the first 6 weeks and daily during up to 3 months.

Post-surgical massage is a great adjunct to liposuction. It will help to break up the scar tissue that develops and result in the best possible contour. We have information on available therapists interested in this aspect of massage.

Instruction for Pre and Post Surgery
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