(Tendon Repair)

Tendon Repair

In general, tendons are repaired after some injury. They are thick, rope-like structures which stretch from the muscle to a bone and work to move the joints in the body. They are repaired with a suture and require 6-8 weeks to regain strength. Given that the main job of a tendon is to move a joint, it must be able to glide smoothly to do its job. Hand therapy is an essential part of the post-operative course. The hand therapist will make sure that you are safely moving the joints so that the scar tissue that develops does not ‘stick’ the tendon down and prevent it from gliding. It is important to follow their directions carefully, because going too fast in your efforts may pop the tendon stitches holding the repair before it is strong enough to hold on its own. Also not doing the exercises as instructed will slow down your recovery and even prevent you from regaining full motion and function.

Instruction for Pre and Post Surgery
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