Blepharoplasty is the word used for procedures to correct sagging eyelids. This usually addresses the upper eyelids which can have excess sagging and crepe-like skin, some excess fat but may include the lower eyelids with sagging skin or ‘bags’ under the eye. This procedure may be done on its own, under local anesthetic, or in combination with a larger procedure such as a facelift. It often gives the patient a rejuvenated look, they look ‘less tired’, and it is often difficult for friends and co-workers to determine what, if anything, they ‘had done’.

Risks of this procedure include bleeding, infection, bruising, swelling, asymmetry, eyelid droop, sagging or out-turning of the eyelids which can give you a dry-eye feeling and some irritation. Scars on the eyelids tend to heal well.

Instruction for Pre and Post Surgery
Blepharoplasty Lower Lid Pre and Post Op
Blepharoplasty Pre and Post Op