Best thing I ever did at age 75″– RE: breast reduction
I came to Dr. Fortin’s office after a referral from another doctor. For years I have experienced back pain and stooping shoulders. It was difficult to find bras that limited my choices. Overall I was unhappy with my appearance and the limitations that came with a large breast size, both to my personal health and happiness. Dr. Fortin provided a thorough explanation of the procedure, answering any questions or concerns that I had. She provide a calm atmosphere that allowed me to feel relaxed, eliminating any fear and worries about the procedure. Dr. Fortin addressed me in a professional manner that wasn’t intimidating. I felt at ease in a situation that can be perceived awkward.

The operation itself went very smoothly with no infections afterwards. The information roved by Dr. Fortin instructed me on techniques to expedite recovery. This allowed for the healing process to be an issue-free period.

I am please with the outcome of the surgery. I am no longer limited by my breast size and the pain is gone. This surgery has allowed me to live my life the the fullest, I am happier and love my body. I wold highly recommend Dr. Fortin to anyone considering having a breast reduction, her practice is exceptional.
After having three children, the lack of volume in my breasts started to bother me physically, mentally and emotionally, so I decided to undergo breast augmentation surgery. My first appointment with Dr. Fortin was very thorough, we discussed all the pro’s and con’s, and no question is a stupid question. She makes you feel very comfortable and is very easy to talk too. It is very important to do the homework she tells you to do in order to get the results you want. The results were exactly what I asked for, so natural that people didn’t even know I got it done and that is what I wanted. I was so happy with the outcome and I am still thrilled with the outcome. There is nothing negative I can say about Dr. Fortin and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dr. Fortin. She is a very professional, concerned about the patient that they are satisfied with their outcome and her staff is very helpful and considerate. She also books a lot of follow up appointments after the surgery as well, to make sure you are 100% satisfied and to make sure everything is O.K. Which is great! I was surprised with all the follow up appointments, but she is always on time and never, ever rushes you out the door which is a bonus! The overall experience was worth it and I would do it again in a hard beat.
Trust is the most important element in a patient doctor relationship. I knew I was in the best hands ever.

I never thought I would ever have a flat tummy along with a beautiful looking belly button again but with Dr. Fortin’s surgical expertise she gave me back my confidence.

Dr. Fortin has the compassion and the unique ability to make you feel like you are her only patient.

I cannot believe that I waited so long to have this done but of course I had to wait for Dr. Fortin to relocate to Sudbury. I cannot express my gratitude and thanks to her.
I came to you as a patient in the summer of 2011 with high expectations as I had been waiting for a numbers of years to have reconstructive breast surgery after having had a mastectomy in February of 2008. I recall the first call I received from Joanne to schedule our first appointment. I intensely remember how happy I was to begin the best part of recovery and that soon enough I was going to feel complete and like a “Woman” again.

My husband and I attend the first appointment and you were very thorough in explaining the 3 different types of reconstructive surgeries.  We made the decision to move forward with the silicone implant which was a two-step process. The first surgery was scheduled and the process began. Things moved forward without any complications and after recovering from the first surgery we proceeded to the second one. Once again you and your team in the OR were wonderful. The entire process moved forward without any complications.

Dr. Fortin, you are an outstanding professional in your field. We commend you on the care you provided for me. You were always available,  you meet and surpassed all of our expectations as a doctor. The compassion you displayed was remarkable.

The psychological transformation that transpired during the entire process was astonishing.  Dr. Fortin, you have changed my life and for this I, we will forever be grateful.

Please note that Joanne is a great asset to your team as well. Her professionalism and compassion was honourable .

Thank you Dr. Fortin you have made a significant difference in my life.
Dear Dr. Fortin,

Last week, you and your team operated on me to remove a spot on my face that appeared suspicious to my family doctor who referred me to you.

Today, only seven days later, the stitches were removed and the end result speaks to your surgical abilities.  The result, even a this relatively early stage, is purely amazing.

I wanted to take a minute to thank you for the way you made me feel comfortable throughout this process.  My Family Doctor spoke very highly of your ability and the end result of your work is something that I am in no way self-conscious of.  Being concerned about a scar in such an obvious place, I can breathe easier as any scar that remains is sure to be minimal and certainly not obvious.

We in Sudbury are lucky to have such a talented Doctor available to us and I thank you for being a true professional.

Best Wishes,
Ken S