There are two common types of cosmetic ear surgery, the first is pinning back of prominent ears and the second is repair of torn ear piercing holes. Both are able to be done under local anaesthetic.

If prominent ears are a concern in a child this is covered by OHIP and in very young children may be done under a general anesthetic. After surgery to pin back the ears a large bandage is worn to protect the ears until they are checked by the doctor. After this the child should still wear a headband over the ears to protect their position. The headband should be worn 24hours a day for 2 weeks after surgery and at night for another month. It is important to wash the ears but be gentle when washing behind the ear (this is where the incision is).

Repair of torn earring holes can be done, however, it is not recommended to re-pierce the earlobes for 9-12 months. Scars can be thick in this area and we recommend scar massage or wearing clip-on earrings to help soften the scar.

Instruction for Pre and Post Surgery
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