Skin Scar Therapy


Dr Fortin recommends applying steri-strips to the incisions for up to 1 month after surgery.  Beyond this you may moisturize the incisions and apply a silicone gel (New Gel Plus). It has been clinically proven to help improve scars (www.newgelplus.com/).  This product is available in the office. Other products you may try include bio-oil, vitamin E, etc.

Scar massage is also very helpful and recommended after 1-2 weeks post-surgery.

Keloid scars are ‘super scars’ which can be difficult to manage.  Pressure therapy with silicone gel pads can be effective when combined with steroid injections. These can be provided by Dr Fortin when required.  A series of injections are often required at 6 week intervals until the scar subsides.  They can help with the discomfort, itching , thickness and size of the scar.

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